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When you start a business it can be so overwhelming. There is so much information out there that you just want it to be done the right way. But you’re finding out fast that all the stuff is sucking the hours out of your day when you should be focused on the skills that you have to offer this world. It’s why you started a business right? To share the awesomeness that is you. So stop worrying about how to make a website. Stop wasting time trying to make your business card look pretty.

Hand over those projects to me and you’ll be wowing prospective clients and customers in no time, and you’ll even have enough time saved to go grab that cup of coffee with a friend (ya know, instead of just scrolling through FB and messaging your friends about how busy you are while doing everything you can to not work on these items yourself).

Website Design and Creation

Your website is like the entry way of your business. It’s usually one of the first spots someone meets with your company. It needs to be a good one. If your site looks like it came out of 1999 your customers may be heading elsewhere.  Make your site as cozy and warm as your living room so that clients gravitate to you. You want your site to be a true reflection of you and your business.

Yes, WordPress sites are very user friendly in the end, but they can be a huge hassle to wrap your head around when it comes to the design and styling of them. Let me save you the years it took for me to learn how to do it and make your site for you. You can get a very basic site all the way to a fancy site with things like a membership area. Use the button below and we can chat more about your site woo-ing all your clients and bringing in the $$ for you!

(You must already have a domain and hosting when you come to work with me. If you don’t, it’s no worries, I’m happy to help you get that setup but it’s not included in the website creation price. Feel free to email me with questions)

Site Prices start at $950 for a WordPress self-hosted site

If you have an existing site or larger business needs, prices start at $1900

Contact Me to Discuss Your Needs and to Get Your Exact Quote 

Make It Sparkle Design Services

So you know you are supposed to have stuff that all looks cohesive right? Like you paid good money for a logo and now your postcards and business cards look like generic blobs with bland stock images. No one wants to try and figure out how to make their social media graphics look professional. Except who has time to make it all pretty and cohesive? You certainly don’t, you’re running the whole show.

Let me get those odds and ends done for you. From business cards, to post cards, door hangers, presentation folders, posters, banners, other signage, etc. I have you covered.

Design prices start at $50

Please, please, please save me!