Fave to Follow Friday: Denise Duffield-Thomas, Kimra Luna, & Regina Anaejionu

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Welcome to the first Fave to Follow Friday! I’ll be doing this once a month so you can follow and learn from some of the coolest, smartest business people I have come across. Up first is Denise Duffield-Thomas, Regina Anaejinou, and Kimra Luna. These are some big business rock-stars who have definitely made a difference in my businesses.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise is a money coach for women. She helps you plow through your money blocks so you can stop thinking you aren’t good enough to make $$. She is also the author of Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. In addition to her books she has a money blocks bootcamp, Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. I adore watching her videos, not just because she has an awesome Australian accent, but because they are always chock full of info and she is just super down to earth.

She can be found at www.LuckyBitch.com

Regina Anaejionu

So meet Regina. She’s a business ninja, no joke. Her website is an incredible resource for all entrepreneurs, but she does specialize in Infopreneurs, and she does some incredible Periscope chats.

This was taken directly from her bio on her site, “I want your readers to love you, your new customers to go crazy over you, and your fans to create #hashtags in your honor. That is all.” Yeah. Instant love.

You can find her at www.ByRegina.com

Kimra Luna

A young mom of 3 boys who made a cool million dollars her first year in biz. She is not shy about telling her story of being on welfare and working her butt off to make it happen. She also isn’t shy on her webinars about sharing all the awesome info for you to get started, too.

She has a few signature courses, Be True Brand You and Rock It With Webinars.

Kimra can be found at www.KimraLuna.com

Have you taken any of the courses from these awesome ladies? Read their blogs? Comment below…

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